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OptiGlanz - our product

OptiGlanz stainless steel cleaner is an acidic,
biodegradable HiTec cleaner!

OptiGlanz stainless steel cleaner is an intensive cleaner for all stainless steel exhaust systems 
Subsequent polishing is not necessary!
OptiGlanz is non-toxic and biodegradable, do not store and use above 35 degrees Celsius. 
OptiGlanz If used correctly and carefully, stainless steel cleaner does not attack paint, HDPE plastics or rubber. Nevertheless, they must be protected from possible spray dust, otherwise damage in the form of stains can occur.
OptiGlanz Stainless steel cleaner is characterized by its easy handling!
OptiGlanz Simply apply stainless steel cleaner to the exhaust, let it work for 1-5 minutes, spray off with cold water - done! 

Application and field of use

WHY OptiGlanz stainless steel cleaner!
Stainless steel motorcycle exhaust manifolds turn yellow-brownish over time. Most bikers are familiar with the suffering. Cleaning up with detergent, water and a brush is a rather frustrating undertaking.
But with OptiGlanz there is now a low-priced HiTec cleaner against unsightly deposits on the market.


OptiGlanz    stainless steel cleaner is an intensive cleaner for all stainless steel exhaust systems and is not suitable for chrome, aluminum or sheet metal 

OptiGlanz    stainless steel cleaner is extremely effective against heat-related soiling.

DANGER:   not suitable for
-- Chrome,
-- aluminum
-- sheet metal.

(Not every exhaust system is "stainless steel" from the manifold to the pot! Materials other than stainless steel must be protected from OptiGlanz stainless steel cleaner.
Materials such as plastic / plastic / rubber / or sheet metal parts as well as the floor (the list is not exhaustive) must be covered and thus protected from possible property damage in the form of stains.



Gone are the days when stainless steel polish and - as an insider tip - ceramic hotplate cleaner, each combined with a lot of laborious manual work, were the best means against exhaust deposits. OptiGlanz, the intensive cleaner for stainless steel exhaust systems, can be used on all naked bikes with stainless steel exhaust systems whose manifolds have already turned a deep brown color over several years.
The application is extremely simple and effortless: Simply apply OptiGlanz to the cold and dry bends (ideally with an old sponge, which may no longer be used in the household afterwards), evenly moistening the pipes.

All non-stainless steel parts such as plastic / synthetics / rubber or sheet metal parts, the list is not exhaustive, must be covered / protected. The hands, eyes and the floor under the motorcycle or the object to be cleaned must also be protected.

Simply apply OptiGlanz to the cold and dry manifolds (optimally using an old sponge, which must not be used in the household afterwards), wetting the pipes evenly:

After one to two minutes of exposure, spray off with water, done. The effect of OptiGlanz is convincing.
Without further manipulation, the bends shine in a practically new shine, the brown-yellowish coating is completely removed. The exhaust manifold, with its weld seams difficult to access, shone clean all over again.
Stubborn residues from motorcycle shoes and rain pants on the "stainless steel" end pots can also be removed, which do not leave the most beautiful visual image!
By reworking with a brush, steel wadding or kitchen sponge, an even better result can be possible. However, this can usually be dispensed with, because the simple application by applying and rinsing already worked impressively.
OptiGlanz cannot remove bluish temperature discolorations and stubborn mini stains that burn into the material over the years.
Classic hand-polishing work is required for such subtleties. Due to the thermal stress on stainless steel elbows, it is to be expected that a brown discoloration will reappear over time.

A multiple use of OptiGlanz is possible without any problems, because the bottle of 250ml is enough for more than 20 washes without excessive economy.

important notes 

Storage and disposal

OptiGlanz stainless steel cleaner can be stored for at least 1 year in tightly closed containers.
Storage and use should not take place below +5 degrees Celsius and not above 35 degrees Celsius. Protect from intense sun exposure. Clean tools and equipment with water after use.

According to EC guidelines, OptiGlanz stainless steel cleaner is approx. 98% biodegradable, but may only be fed into the sewer system in a neutralized state.
Dispose of residual quantities or residual packaging units in appropriate hazardous waste facilities


OptiGlanz Stainless Steel Cleaner is an acid-tuned HiTec cleaner and is up to 98% biodegradable.

OptiGlanz is "basically" not toxic but not odorless and smells intensely of almonds!

OptiGlanz does not attack paints, plastics as well as rubber when used properly. Nevertheless, ALL non-stainless steel parts, especially plastic, plastic or rubber) must be protected before the application of OptiGlanz, covered or otherwise, from spray dust or the like.

You don't need a gift certificate to use OptiGlanz either!
CAUTION: Do not spray on hot vehicle parts (protect hands, eyes and floor) !

 PDF all technical details and notes for download

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Prices and conditions
Switzerland + FL  Package offer

incl. postage and packing

  • Sample Bottle 50ml  CHF 20.00
  • 250 ml. Bottle  CHF 29.00
  • 2 x 250 ml. Bottles at special price! CHF 50.00
  • 500 ml. Bottle CHF 45.00
  • 1000 ml. Bottle CHF 65.00

Prices and conditions  

each plus postage / packaging

  • Sample Bottle 50ml CHF 15.00
  • 250 ml. Bottle CHF 23.00 
  • 2 x 250 ml. Bottles at special price! CHF 42.00 
  • 500 ml. Bottle CHF 40.00
  • 1000 ml. Bottle CHF 60.00


The resale and/or passing on of OptiGlanz stainless steel cleaner is prohibited.
OptiGlanz stainless steel cleaner may only be used/applied by the purchaser who has purchased our stainless steel cleaner from OptiGlanz Switzerland. (Excluding dealers after consultation with OptiGlanz Switzerland).

Grill Cleaner

OptiGlanz grill cleaner is simply great! 

Fast-acting cleaner in the convenient hand spray bottle for grills, ovens, baking trays, stovetops, steam hoods, deep fryers and heavily soiled pans.
Easily loosens and removes burnt and encrusted residues.

Package offer  incl. postage and packing:

  • 250ml OptiGlanz Grill Cleaner  for only CHF 19.00
  • 500ml OptiGlanz Grill Cleaner  for only CHF 27.00
  • 1000ml OptiGlanz Grill Cleaner for only CHF 42.00

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